Version 4.4.1 released


With the help of many bug reporters & contributors, we’re happy to announce the release of 4.4.1, a bug-fix and improvement release.


  • Numerous fixes for crashes, cleanup issues, and memory leaks
  • Add: Chat Options UI, host mute / options
  • Fix: Potential corrupt game config file issue
  • Fix: Loading old maps with invalid map tile numbers
  • Fix: Text input handling of virtual key codes, CTRL+V paste, and displaying virtual key names
  • Fix: Always tell VTOLs to rearm after their VTOL Strike/CB sensor dies
  • Fix: Spawn position of first clone in clone cheat
  • Fix: Issues with OpenGL 3.0-3.1, fallback shaders
  • Fix: Bring back the 3 turret Ultimate Scavenger truck, delay Ultimate Scavenger Helicopters a bit
  • Fix: Model connectors for Ultimate Scavenger Helicopters, DROID_PERSON model display size
  • Fix: Replay desync triggered by non-builtin maps
  • Fix: Allow hosts to pre-configure all team slot choices
  • Fix: Mod hashing issue impacting multiplayer games

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(For all the changes in 4.4.0, see the Version 4.4 release announcement.)

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For Windows 10+, Warzone 2100 is now available via the Microsoft Store.

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