Version 4.3.4 released


With the help of many bug reporters & contributors, we’re happy to announce the release of 4.3.4, a bug-fix and improvement release.


  • Add: Separate Ban / Kick options in game lobby
  • Add: Lobby command: /makeplayer
  • Numerous fixes for crashes, cleanup issues, and memory leaks
  • Fix: Let some older maps show up again in the map lists
  • Fix: Always cancel research when starting it in another lab
  • Fix: Missing sections on Tank Killer super cyborg
  • Fix: Stop Mission Time and store it when the results screen pops up
  • Change: Gamma 4: Remove middle tank traps guarding team Alpha and remove the repair units to account for new repair micro-AI
  • Change: Always blow up walls and tank traps during Nexus transfers in campaign
  • Change: Improve difficulty differences on Gamma 9
  • Change: Make Alpha 1-3 missions flow a bit more smoothly; Increase player flamer ranges
  • Change: Make Gamma 1 easier by activating factories depending on what part of the valley you exit

And some multiplayer balance tweaks:

  • Add: Add new Heavy Rocket Array weapon which depends on MRA and HEAT Rocket Warhead Mk2 (PR #3103, #3141)
  • Change: Reduce effectiveness of artillery modifier on bunkers 40% to 20%, Reduce effectiveness of artillery modifiers against Tracked 40% to 30% (PR #2894)
  • Change: Make Heavy Repair Turret and Repair Facility appear at same time, improve facility repair speed by 10, and make light repair turret cost less and build faster (PR #3022)
  • Change: Buff Plasmite Flamer HP to 125 to match the HP on Twin Assault Gun (PR #3076)
  • Change: Move Pulse Laser to around Seraph Missile and drop Sensor Upgrade Mk3 requirement (PR #3075)
  • Change: Increase costs on later MG research and on (Twin) Assault Gun (PR #3113)
  • Change: Pull some Rocket damages in earlier, Reduce Tank Killer reload time to that of Lancer, Improve Rocket Pod long range accuracy to 50% from 45% (PR #3080)
  • Change: Needle reload time matches the latest cannon weapons, nerf Super Rail gunner damages and range, nerf VTOL Needle/Rail radius and radius damage and increase weights (PR #3081)
  • Change: Pull Mortar into Advanced Bases by removing factory module requirement (PR #3089)
  • Change: Reduce time and cost for Command Turret research by 50% (PR #3121)
  • Change: Reduce research topic time and cost for most defenses by 50% (PR #3122)
  • Change: Increase reward for some engineering upgrades to 30% (PR #3134)

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(For all the changes in 4.3.0, see the Version 4.3 release announcement.)

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