Version 4.2.2 released


With the help of many bug reporters & contributors, we’re happy to announce the release of 4.2.2, a bug-fix release.


  • New: “Multiplay Options” menu
  • New: Hotkey to “Select all land combat units, with health >50%, not assigned to any group”
  • New: Add 7-player map “Thales”
  • Fixes for initializing OpenGL / Vulkan on certain systems
  • Fix: Don’t needlessly move Repair Turrets & Builders
  • Fix: Re-ordering construction units to build something shouldn’t cancel it
  • Fix: Don’t retreat Repair Turrets (RT) to other RT
  • Fix: Don’t reset attack range under commander
  • Fix: Ignore rearm order when already rearming
  • Fix: Don’t show green overlay when impossible to build next module
  • Fix: Don’t show modules in build list when unable to build more buildings of that type
  • Fix: Factory set Hold Position bug
  • Fix: Various savegame / autosave issues
  • Fix: Partial UI soft-lock with certain in-game menus
  • Fix: Remove Command Relay structure requirement for Command Turret research
  • Fix: Toggling debug mode in skirmish as spectator
  • Fix: Ultimate Scavengers building an absurd amount of factories that could cause the game to freeze
  • Numerous fixes for crashes, cleanup issues, and memory leaks

And a few multiplayer balance tweaks:

  • Adjust Heavy Plasma Launcher: Reduce damage 250 -> 225, increase firePause 300 -> 350, reduce periodical Damage Radius 128 -> 64 (PR #2386)
  • Adjust Incendiary Mortar: “researchPoints”: 3600 -> 4800, “researchPower”: 112 -> 150 (PR #2407)

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(For all the changes in 4.2.0, see the Version 4.2.0 release announcement.)

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For Windows 10+, Warzone 2100 is now available via the Microsoft Store.

There have been 43 commits since 4.2.1, from many contributors including: Denis Gantsev, KJeff01, past-due, Stuart Coyle, Thomas Rupprecht, Tipchik

We’d also like to thank all of the new and returning translators who have helped to improve the translations for the game via the Crowdin project. For more information on how to help with translations, see doc/

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