Version 3.4.1 released


With the help of many bug reporters & contributors, we’re happy to announce the release of 3.4.1, a bug-fix release.

Including fixes for:

  • UI issues
  • Keymap defaults
  • Simple keybinds not firing when a meta key is held down
  • Campaign bugs
  • Compilation / compatibility issues
  • Multiplayer lobby issues

View the full 3.4.1 changelog

(For all the changes since 3.3.0, see the Version 3.4.0 release announcement.)

There have been over 70 commits since 3.4.0, from many contributors including: Colin MacDonald, Cyp, Ilari Tommiska, KJeff01, past-due, Prot, Vitya Andreev

We’d also like to thank all of the new and returning translators who have helped to improve the translations for the game via the Crowdin project. For more information on how to help with translations, see doc/

Please report all bugs on GitHub.

The old build toolchains have now been fully replaced, and CMake is used for building on all platforms. For full build instructions see the

And don’t forget to check out the new official Discord server:

Official Server