New Feature Spotlight: Campaign Selector


Starting in Warzone 2100 version 4.5.0, a brand-new Campaign Selector is available.

Campaign Selector

Choose Your Campaign:

As always, the “Original Campaign” is front and center. Command the forces of The Project in a battle to rebuild the world.

Full installs of Warzone 2100 now also come bundled with additional campaigns for even more fun:

  • Reclamation:
    • A brand-new campaign from @DARwins1 with an original story taking place before the events of the main game:
    • “Set out under the command of renowned General Edmund Clayde with the goal of laying the foundations of a new world. What could possibly go wrong?”
  • Fractured Kingdom:
    • A brand-new campaign from @DARwins1 with its own self-contained story:
    • “After crash-landing in the territory of a once powerful kingdom, you must navigate your way through the various factions fighting over what remains. Can you prevail against the odds, facing relentless foes, and see this story to its end?”

Developers can now easily package and distribute their own custom campaigns as well.

Choose Your Difficulty:

It was always possible to change the campaign difficulty from the Options menu, but now it’s visible and easily adjustable when starting a new campaign.

The base difficulty options for the Original Campaign are:

  • Super Easy: A more relaxed play-through - easier than easy
  • Easy: A slightly easier challenge than Normal
  • Normal (default): A fun & challenging experience

If you’ve never beaten Warzone 2100 before, you probably shouldn’t select anything higher than “Normal” difficulty (even if you have RTS experience). And don’t be afraid of choosing “Easy” or even “Super Easy” if you want a more relaxed play-through!

For players who have beaten Warzone 2100, and are looking for an extra challenge (with some additional surprises), there are two additional difficulty options:

  • Hard: A challenge for players who have beaten the game
  • Insane: An unforgiving challenge for experienced players only

It is strongly recommended that you beat the game on the prior difficulty level before attempting a harder difficulty.

Choose Your Balance:

(For the Original Campaign)

The default is the “Remastered” balance: a complete overhaul of the balance, ensuring all weapons are viable choices with different pros and cons.

Starting in Warzone 2100 version 4.5.0, a “Classic Balance” option is also available:

  • This built-in balance mod enables you to play the campaign with a balance approximating everything from the original 1.0 releases through the 3.x open-source releases.
  • Tweak Options enable you to customize the experience to match your nostalgia (opting-in to console difficulty modifiers / limits, old behavior, and more).

If you want that “Classic” feel, with some weapons overpowered and others significantly underpowered, you’ll be able to get it with the “Classic Balance”.

Developers can also create and distribute their own balance mods, for even more possibilities. (See: Developer Info)

Choose Your Tweaks:

Built-in Tweak Options for the Original Campaign include:

  • Timer Power Bonus
    • Grant power based on the remaining level timer, so there’s no need to wait out the clock.
  • Classic Timers
    • Alter / disable timers on specific levels, like the original release. (Allows power-cheating.)
  • 40 Unit Limit
    • Lower the player’s unit limit to 40, matching the original PS1 release.
  • Autosaves-Only
    • Disable the ability to manually save / quick-save, limit autosaves to the beginning of each level.
  • and more

Add-on campaigns and balance mods can also offer their own set of “Tweak Options”.


Warzone 2100 and its campaign have existed in many iterations over the past 25 years.

With the new Campaign Selector, balance mods, and addon campaigns, the Warzone 2100 Project continues its dual goals of preservation and evolution of this classic game loved by so many.

There’s never been a better time to play!