Warzone 2100 version 3.1.1 has now been released!

Posted by: admin 6 years, 4 months ago

Today, we finally release Warzone 2100 version 3.1.1!

This release has been very long in coming, and brings along tons of of bug fixes and improvements, too numerous to list in the change log.  Please see our repo for the complete list.

We wish to thank all the people that made this release possible, with all the helpful feedback, and the bug reporters to help us help you with a more bug free game, and the mod community for bringing helpful utilities like flaME, the map editor made by Flail13 and Berg for updating and converting many models & textures that we use in game, along with MaNGusT, Jorzi and the rest of the Art Revolution members for continuing to improve textures and models that we use (or will use) for the game, cnceo for redoing the textures, and NoQ, for all the help he does, his maps and his devious AI that he has created, and a big thanks to all the translators whom have localized this game to enable a wider audience, and finally, we also want to thank the many other people who have contributed to Warzone 2100!

We are also looking for mac developers and/or builders to help us make builds, and to fix anything mac related that may pop up with the migration to Qt 5.x, or any other mac related problem.
The mac builds will be available as soon as we can get someone to build them, sorry about that, but none of the developers have a mac to make builds with.

We also would like to thank all the donors who have donated to the site's operating costs, without which, we wouldn't be here, and all the contributors who have helped make Warzone a better game with improved textures, models, mods and maps.
If you would like to make a donation to help with the ongoing server cost, (the only thing we use the funds on) please visit the donation page

Special note:

We now have Warzone 2100 portable builds available!

As always, you can find all our builds on our SourceForge host.