Warzone 2100 3.1.3 is now released!

Posted by: admin 4 years, 2 months ago

We had some last-minute delays in meeting our end-of-year target, but it has finally happened: Warzone 2100 3.1.3 is out.

What is new in the 3.1.3 release?

Features & Changes:

  • Config Dir - the config directory is now named after the version number and located inside the main 3.1 directory.
    On Linux, for example, look in .warzone2100-3.1/3.1.3/
  • Rank is no longer displayed.
    We plan on revisiting this when the lobby supports registered players.
  • Custom Backdrops - Custom backdrops and credit screens are now supported.
    Backdrops are chosen randomly from files in the base/texpages/bdrops/ folder. File names start with 'backdrop' or 'credit' depending on their intended role. (backdrop*.png, credit*.png ). Image format is PNG.
  • In Multiplayer, PING times are now only displayed to the host

Code stuff:

  • We have stomped a bunch of bugs and fixed some crashes.
  • A number of problems were found and fixed thanks to static analysis tools

While that might not seem like much, please see our repo for the complete list of changes!

For any last minute changes, please look at our forums

Enjoy the release!

Note, if your anti-virus software detects a virus, this is a false positive.  More information about this is in the forums.