Warzone 2100 3.1.1 RC 1 is now available!

Posted by: admin 6 years, 4 months ago

Greetings Warzone fans, today, we bring you the release of 3.1.1 RC1.

With this release, we bring some security fixes, along with the usual slew of bugfixes, and also some changes to balance that will hopefully fix the major annoyances that have been noted.  Thanks to NoQ and crab for the input!

We also have two new AIs, one for turtle players, and another one that loves to use hovers.  Special thanks to NoQ for making those as well.

Also of note, we have updated the UPnP library, to hopefully detect more devices.  The way it works is, when you start a multiplayer match, it will tell you the status, on if it can open the correct ports needed by Warzone.  If not, you will get that message as well.
There is a delay while we poll your router, so do not hit the 'start hosting button' until you see a success or failure message.
If you do not wish to have UPnP detection, then, in your config file, just have UPnP=0 for off.

Please test this release candidate now, and report back to us any issues that you may have encountered, and report bugs in the bug tracker, trac, which now requires your forum user name & password to login.

If all goes smoothly, we anticipate a final release in a few weeks.

We are also looking for mac developers and/or builders to help us make builds, and to fix anything mac related that may pop up with the migration to Qt 5.x, or any other mac related problem.
The mac builds will be available as soon as we can get someone to build them, sorry about that, but none of the developers have a mac to make builds with.

We also would like to thank all the donors who have donated to the site's operating costs, without which, we wouldn't be here, and all the contributors who have helped make Warzone a better game with improved textures, models, mods and maps.

Special note:

We now have Warzone 2100 portable builds available!

As always, you can find all our builds on our SourceForge host.