3.1.2 has been released!

Posted by: admin 5 years, 3 months ago

Hello again Warzone fans!

Today, we finally have a new release of Warzone 2100, version 3.1.2!
It is available at our usual location: https://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone2100/files/releases/3.1.2/

This is another release that unfortunately again, has been a very long in coming, and brings along some bug fixes and improvements.
Please see our repo @ https://github.com/Warzone2100/warzone2100/compare/3.1.1...3.1.2 for the complete list.

Note, if you wish to compile it yourself directly from our repo:

git fetch origin --tags
git checkout 3.1.2

then proceed as normal with the build process.

Now, you may have been wondering why is it taking so long for making releases.
We are a very small team of volunteers, that have actual jobs, and unfortunately, time is short for all of these days, so we have to use our time as best we can, and the majority of that has been working on the next version of Warzone that will be released after the 3.x version.

This project has no paid members, and all donations go directly to our web hosting provider that supports these forums, our lobby server, our bug tracker, and also the addons site.

For more information about this release, see http://forums.wz2100.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11960&p=130418#p130418

We would again like to thank all the volunteers that try to make Warzone the best RTS it can be, and never forget, Strategy by Design!

Special thanks to forum member WolfTrak for making the mac builds!